Juhla pendant lamps

design Petri Vainio

Juhla pendants are made of fire-proof texitle.  The design is being inspired by the lighting design of the Jugend and Art Nouveau periods in the beginning of the 20th century.  The organic shape of the pleated textile shade becomes always individual because of the influence of the natural forces.

The Juhla lights are available as pendant and as ceiling lamp versions in three different sizes.  They can be used  as a general light source in a room.  The light shines softly but effectively through the textile layers.  The textile can be removed for cleaning and ironing.

shade height | 400 mm, 500 mm and 550 mm
max diameter of the spiral structure | 420 mm, 650 mm and 1150 mm
bulp | delivered with a E27 transparent halogen bulp
materials | epoxy coated steel and fire-proof textile
colours | white textile, white structure
special  | Juhla 115cm pendant has got three E27 bulps
package | delivered in a flat package.

Made in Finland.